Course Objective: Capacity development in investment Analysis to meet the needs of the international Investors.   Lead Facilitator Prof.Francois Viruly Audience Estate Surveyors and Valuers, Investment Bankers, Property Investment Analysts, Property developers and investors, Government, Insurance companies, etc Comments and Suggestions from the Property Investment Analysis Workshop   OBSERVATIONS: ‘’Well thought out and structured workshop, good setting/environment’’. ‘’Splendid presentation conducive atmosphere, great re-awakening.’’ ‘’I will prefer we have this via our email subsequently.’’ ‘’An extremely well packed and presented workshop /seminar delivery was delivery was professional and targeted.’’ ‘’Good initiative, this should endure .However, a long list of practical experience especially in the loan/financing aspects are required. it is for the most part.’’   COMMENTS:   ‘’Bring more like Prof Viruly next time.’’ ‘’The workshop is well organized and creative ,it has interest the knowledge within the Real Estate features.’’ ‘’It is important to compliment this lecture with slides.’’ ‘’Good idea, good implementation and good resource person.’’ ‘’Delivery method very good.’’ ‘’Well received .Professor Viruly’s style is very inclusive so participation was high.’’ ‘’This is very refreshing and well done more towards advancement for /in the industry. The wide outlook especially in the financial sector is necessary and would be useful in getting the holistic understanding needed.’’