OBSERVATIONS ‘’Training was well organized and has aided the easy impartation of knowledge.’’ ‘’Very good session, worth the time, great speaker, intelligent presentations and worth using for better practice.’’ ‘’The training was very good in knowledge updating, exposure, appraisal and change of environment.’’ ‘’The training was an attention capturing moment because of the topics and speaker.’’ ‘’The training was well conducted and the facilitator well understood. The topics discussed were also broken down to allow for better assimilation. The learning objectives were not stated before the start of the training.’’ ‘’The programme was well organized and venue perfect. ‘’ SUGGESTIONS ‘’The training should be made frequent enough because it provides knowledge and refresh staff.’’ ‘’It is worth doing regularly and even having similar things on a micro level in the office from time to time to check how much the knowledge is applied.’’ ‘’The training should be done on a quarterly basis or as many times as possible.’’ ‘’Learning was very interactive and suggestive.’’ ‘’the training was quite transformatory and life changing