Core Values

Our core values can be summarized by this tale of the price less ingredient The price less ingredient In the city of Baghdad lived Hakeem, the Wise one, and many people went to him for counsel, which he gave freely to all, asking nothing in return. There came to him a young man, who had spent much but got little, and said ”Tell me ,wise one, what shall I do to receive the most for that which I spend?” Hakeem answered, “A thing that is bought or sold has no value unless it contains that which cannot be bought or sold. Look for the Priceless Ingredient.” “But, what is the priceless ingredient?” asked the young man. Spoke the Wise One,” My son, the Priceless ingredient of every product in the market place is the Honor and Integrity of him who makes it. Consider his name before you buy. Our Core Values Compassion and Empathy Honour & Integrity Respect Service